Gold wire?

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I recently added gold (Au) wire to the materials in the Wire Wizard and other coil calculators. Why? There seems to be some hype here and there, and I want people to be able to check it out for Gold-cat10xthemselves before they get too excited.

I don’t have an opinion on the health effects of inhaling gold particles, but the electrical properties do not look ideal to me.

The TCR of gold is 0.0034, which is fine, not too different from Titanium and NiFe. The resistivity on the other hand. At 0.69 Ω/m it about one-third of that of Ni200. In three words: This is bad.

In order to get a reasonable resistance, you will have to use very thin wire. And gold is soft, so even if you don’t snap the wire while trying to coil it, it seems you’ll be likely to deform it, so that the coil gets hot spots.

In other news, the melting point of gold is 1064 ºC (1947 ºF), and the boiling point is 2970 ºC (5378 ºF). Dry burn at your own risk.

TL;DR: To me, gold does not seem like a suitable coil material.

Of course, I may be wrong, so by all means, try it if you must. I’m fine right here on the fence for now, thank you.

Update: I added silver to the calculators too. The resistivity of silver is even worse than that of gold.

4 thoughts on “Gold wire?

  1. Zaffi

    Sorry im bad on number.
    So which wire are good for vaping?
    NI200 , Ti wire or kanthal is the best

    1. Dampmaskin Post author

      It depends. I can only answer for my own style of vaping, and for the mods that I am using. For TC vaping I like Ti and NiFe. For non-TC vaping I prefer Kanthal. Kanthal is king.

  2. Dan O'Leary Jr

    Hello, I find people including myself are now commonly using nichrome 90, (Omega) wire. It would be very helpful if you added that to steam engine! Thanks alot for the software!

    1. Dampmaskin Post author

      Hi. In order to be able to add this material, I need access to a datasheet that describes its properties. What I need to know is the wire’s resistivity, heat capacity, TCR/TFR, and density.


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