Add Steam Engine to home screen

Traditional apps are getting obsolete. Now you can get an app-like experience of Steam Engine on your phone, in two easy steps, without installing anything at all.

It takes less than one minute, literally. If you doubt it, check out the clock in the screenshots.

The following instructions are for Android phones. If you want to do this on an iPhone, read through this guide (it’s pretty short), and then go here to see the corresponding steps for iOS devices.

Step 1

After you have navigated to in the web browser, select More in the upper right corner of the screen.


Yes, way up there, right next to the address line. You should see a menu opening.

Step 2

In the menu, tap Add shortcut on home screen.



This puts the Steam Engine icon on the home screen of your phone, just like an app.


Look at that icon! 😀


Big and juicy, just waiting to be tapped. Not like one of those bookmarks that you hide away deep inside some obscure menu in the darkest corner of your phone, and promptly forget about for the rest of your phone’s life.

What’s the advantage?

Ok, so you may ask what’s so great about this. Well, now Steam Engine even works when you don’t have a connection to the Internet. In addition, it loads faster, takes up less bandwidth, and utilizes the whole screen.

I’m considering to stop supporting the Android apps, because those are more or less obsolete by now. Yes, that’s how well this method works.

It works on iPhone too. If you need the instructions for that, you can find them here.

The new changes to the functionality also applies to most computer browsers. You can make a shortcut to Steam Engine on your desktop, and use the calculators even if your laptop or home computer loses Internet connectivity.

8 thoughts on “Add Steam Engine to home screen

  1. David

    I really think a fully functional Android app would be vastly more convenient. Opening a browser page every time I want to use the calculator isn’t an ideal solution! I really hope you reconsider this decision.

    1. Dampmaskin Post author

      Thanks for the comment, but I have to disagree with you on this. It is a fully functional Android (web) app, and you don’t have to open a browser page in any but the most technical sense of the word. How is using this icon any different from opening a native app, from a user’s point of view? Apart from the fact that it is easier to install than an app, I believe most users won’t even be able to tell the difference.

  2. Charles

    I like the web app. Very well done. Nice when I’m at the dining room table making new coils, don’t have to run across the house to calculate it.

  3. Andy Smith

    There are no “More” button on the top right corner.
    There are only shareware version on the Google Play Store (for Android mobile phones). The users must pay for the App.
    What happened?

    1. Dampmaskin Post author

      The menu can vary between devices. Are you using an iPhone? There’s a link in the blog post that takes you to a guide for iOS. It’s for a different site, but the procedure is the same.

      1. Andy Smith

        No, my friend. I use Samsung S4 Mini with Android. And I have various Internet browsers. Don’t worry I can use Steam Engine with my laptop very well.

  4. Simon

    Hello, thanks for a great site.
    I am using Firefox on Android and I don’t have the ‘more’ button but if you open the Firefox menu, 3 dots, then ‘page’ you will find ‘add to home screen’. I hope this helps.

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