Q&A: Preset for fused Clapton coil in the Wire Wizard

in the wire builder, could there be an additional area for a fused clapton? the clapton is there of course as is the staggered clapton but not the fused so its tough for new wire builders to figure out

Yes, learning to use the Wire Wizard does require a bit of thought. In this particular case, ask yourself: What is a fused Clapton coil? If I’m not mistaken, the answer is: Two core wires with a thinner wire wound around it, right?

So in the Wire Wizard, you choose a Clapton coil. Then you choose a parallel core with two wires. And that is all.

This flexibility admittedly makes the Wire Wizard a bit challenging to get started with, but the flexibility is also one of the main reasons for this calculator to exist to begin with.

Shortcuts may seem practical, but in reality they’re going to mask the flexibility. This will make the learning curve less steep to begin with, but it will also make the learning curve much longer, and that’s not a tradeoff that I’m willing to make at this point in time.

The old Coil Calculator is designed to be easy to use, so if you just want a low threshold tool that you can churn out coils with without having to engage your brain, the old calculator is the right tool for the job. In contrast, the Wire Wizard is designed to be powerful, and will not be equipped with training wheels any time soon.

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