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Now you can add your own custom wire materials, batteries or mods to Steam Engine.

How to find it

Click the question mark icon in the menu to reach the about page.

Then click the custom data button.

Entering data

Fill in the appropriate form and click Add. The new custom preset will appear in the list above the form.

Importing data

Paste your own favorite wire, battery or mod in the appropriate input box as JSON data. You can find some example data below each input box.

How it works

The custom presets are stored in the local storage of your browser. If you want to see it in another browser, you’ll have to import it there too.

Save the JSON data elsewhere if you want to take it with you.

Any custom materials you add will show up in the material select boxes in the Wire Wizard and the Coil Calculator.

Any custom batteries will show up in the Battery Drain calculator.

Any custom mods will show up in the Mod Range calculator.

Other  changes in this version

  • New material: Zirconium (pure).
  • New material: Resistherm (TCR).
  • A couple new mods.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.

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