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From time to time, vape shop owners ask me if they can embed the Steam Engine calculators on their site. I have usually declined, but I do see a demand for some kind of integration. Here is what I have come up with:

You can now add the URL to your site, an image, and a site name in the querystring when you link to Steam Engine.

Your logo will appear on the top of the page, and when the user clicks your logo they will be sent back to your site.


The querystring parameters are as follow:

  • btUrl: The URL of your site.
  • btImg: The URL to an image of your choosing.
  • btNm: The name of your site.

The image and the name are optional, but I recommend you use them.

Example link:

Click on the link to be sent to the juice calculator. When you click on the example image on top of the juice calculator, it will send you back to this page.

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