Gold wire?

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I recently added gold (Au) wire to the materials in the Wire Wizard and other coil calculators. Why? There seems to be some hype here and there, and I want people to be able to check it out for themselves before they get too excited. I don’t have an opinion on… Read more »

Coiling, Wicking and Rebuildables 101

A comprehensive introduction to rebuilding by MyVapery. From the video description: A comprehensive guide to getting going with making your own wicks and coils, and understanding rebuildable atomizers (RDA’s and RTA’s). Cover temperature control coil builds, as well as conventional micro and macro coils. We show you how to make… Read more »

Choosing the right USB charger for your mod

… and maybe busting some misconceptions while we’re at it. Some mods use external chargers; You remove the 18650 batteries or what have you, and put them in a separate charging unit. Those are not what we’re going to talk about here. This post is about mods and batteries that are charged… Read more »