Gmo takes a look at Steam Engine

Gmo takes a look at Steam Engine

Vaping With Gmo made a video where he explains many of Steam Engine’s ins and outs, to help his fellow vapers. There’s a man after my own heart.

From the video description:

Here is a look at the Steam Engine Pro Android App. […] I will stand behind Steam Engine anyday and reccomend it to anyone


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  1. The concept is really nice and seems to be of use. I don’t get your runtime on the battery page. I select the Samsung 25R and in your runtime box this is the info i am provided, 3.7V at 53.5W with 5sec puffs and estimated 10min runtime? Really? So i thought to myself well maybe thats total as in overall before the battery does. Then i thought more as my style of vaping would kill the battery long before the end of day two and i do take on average 4-6sec puffs. So, an estimate that your calculator came up with that is one hell of a margin for an estimate to say the very least. I don’t think you should have this much of a margin for batteries. I’m positive you may need to go in and change some value and what not to make the program work better. Hell, this is why i do the math myself and don’t ever trust a calculator on this. Yet you stand behind an error and recommend it to anyone. That would be called ignorance. Should by post not be approved or whatever i will spread the word about the faultness of not only the battery readings on you site but also the faultiness on the wire settings as well.

    • Hi. The Samsung 25R is 9.25 Wh. Divide that by 53.5W, and you get 0.17289719626 hours runtime. That is 10.37 minutes, or 10 minutes 22.2 seconds. Since you appear to have a better way of calculating this, please do share.

      Regarding “the faultiness on the wire settings”, it would be nice if you explained what settings you are referring to, and what kind of problem you are having with them.

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