DNA 200

The Wire Wizard shows you a multitude of stats about your coil, and lets you download temperature curves for the DNA 200. You can import these into the EScribe software. This allows the DNA 200 to fire custom material coils in temperature control mode.

You can use high TCR coil materials like Ni200, NiFe and Titanium individually, or combine several different materials in a twisted, parallel or Clapton build.

In addition to showing you the total resistance and other information about your build, the Wire Wizard calculates the temperature curve and lets you download it as a CSV file.

Phil Busardo has created the following three videos, where he thoroughly reviews the DNA 200 and EScribe. If you find yourself wondering how this mod works, look no further.

A PBusardo Review – Episode I – The DNA 200

In the first video, PBusardo looks at the board itself, its features, and some numbers.

A PBusardo Review – The DNA 200 Episode II – Part 1 – The EScribe Software

In the following video, PBusardo takes a look at the EScribe software. He also goes briefly into the Wire Wizard, and demonstrates some of the features (starting at 43:00).

A PBusardo Review – The DNA 200 Episode II – Part 2 – The EScribe Software

This video has more information about EScribe, and lastly some of PBusardo’s own thoughts and opinions about the newest product from Evolv, and temperature control in general.

A PBusardo Review – The DNA-200 Episode III – The Device Comparison

For completeness, PBusardo takes a subjective look at some of the earliest DNA-200 devices on the market, with some pluses and minuses pointed out.

So there you have it.

You know what? Since you made it so far, here is a random Steam Engine DNA 200 custom screen.


If you have spent more than four hours watching all these videos, and you still have unanswered questions, don’t be afraid to write a comment below. Even if I don’t know the answer myself, I might be able to point you in the right direction at least.

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    Thanks so much for this review! I love that you included videos to help give us a better look at the product. I’m definitely going to have to consider purchasing the DNA 200!

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