Q&A: Steam Engine with no Internet access

I will be travelling to a location where there is no internet availability. I will be bringing my laptop with me. Is there a way to get the Steam Engine software installed in my laptop where I can access the software without internet connection? I just need the coil wrapping section.

UPDATE, March 2018: AppCache has been deprecated in Chrome over HTTP. There are some road blocks to HTTPS support still, so for the time being we’ll have to make do without it.

Try loading Steam Engine on your laptop. Then disconnect from the network, and try loading the site again.

Steam Engine is supposed to load all important pages and scripts into the browser’s AppCache the first time you visit the site. After that, it should continue to work, even when the computer is offline.

If it doesn’t work, try a different browser. The browser needs to support ApplicationCache over HTTP, which I believe most modern browsers currently do (August 2016).

Some browsers may stop supporting AppCache over HTTP some time in the future, and only support it over HTTPS. I hope it won’t come to that, because I feel that for a utility like Steam Engine, such a focus on security would be misplaced, and a waste of effort, money, and CPU cycles.

Still, if it does happen, I’ll see if I can buy, install, and enable a HTTPS certificate for Steam Engine, just to get AppCache working again.


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  1. Thanks for supporting AppCache! That’s awesome of you! If you’d like to support SSL connections without having to buy certs and renew and update them every year or two, you might want to check out Let’s Encrypt. Their certs are free, trusted, and there’s probably an automation package for your server platform that’ll renew the certs automatically on schedule. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I’ve just been a very satisfied user of their service for a couple of years now, with HTTPS working flawlessly on dozens of client websites. You can find out more at letsencrypt.org if you’re interested. Thanks again for looking out for the vaping community. You’re awesome!

    • AppCache is a pain in the neck to use though, and it seems to be getting deprecated. In preparation to switch to a service worker, I have bought an SSL cert, but from a 3rd party provider, and getting that to work with Azure is an ever greater PITA. But I will get it done, sooner or later.

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