Q&A: How is the sweet spot calculated in Mod Range?

How do you calculate a “sweet spot”?

The electronic sweet spot

Calculating the sweet spot in the Mod range calculator is quite simple. First, the median resistance is calculated using the max output current, the max output voltage, and Ohm’s law:


The sweet spot is then set right in the middle between the median and the max resistance, because a higher voltage will reduce energy losses in wires, contacts, and MOSFETs.

Confusing terminology

I thought the sweet spot was all about taste, not power?

Yes, when vapers talk about the sweet spot they often mean “a build that I like”. Taste is subjective and not easily calculated.

 However, the purpose of the sweet spot calculation in the Mod Range calculator is simply to get the maximum power from the mod, with the least amount of power loss.

The sweet spot of taste

So how can I use your calculators to find a build that tastes good?

Taste is all about airflow, the wicking, and the coil itself. More specifically, it’s about the temperature of the coil, as it vaporizes the juice.

Next time you use the Coil wrapping calculator, keep an eye on the heat flux. Of all the values in the coil calculator, the heat flux is the most closely related to taste, in my experience.

You’ll find it in the Results window. It has a small coloured icon with a flame, and an adjustable power (Watts) value.

Adjust the Watt value to whatever you plan to vape on, and take note of the resulting heat flux. The color of the icon will also change to reflect the heat flux.

When you have found your favorite heat flux, you can try out other, different builds. As long as the heat flux is close to the one you like, the taste will probably not be too far off either.

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