Q&A: Determine the material of prebuilt coils

I have come across problems with non labled prebuilt coils. I have been using coil dimensions and its resistance to find the matierial. Which has been inaccurate. Is there a way I can do that with this site that’s more accurate? Could it be possible to add somethings similar to the site?

Q_Clasp_completed_finding_LThere’s nothing wrong with being frugal, but when you buy unlabeled coils made from unknown materials, you’re taking an unneccesary risk with your health. Not all metals are safe to heat up and inhale vapor off of.

That being said, I suppose the Wire Wizard is the best tool for the job. There you can enter the number of wraps, the gauge (but you have to measure it very precisely), the inner diameter (also needs to be pretty precise), and any other properties of the coil.

Then you can start flipping through different materials, until you hit one that gives you something close to the measured resistance.

However, this can never be 100% reliable, because different materials can have similar resistivity. Inaccurate gauge measurements can also be a major error source.

Since you don’t know what the coil is made from, it could be a cheaper grade of a common coil material, which can throw the resistance off by several percent. Or it could be a non-common coil material, maybe one that’s not even in the Steam Engine list. The only way to be absolutely certain what’s in the wire, is with expensive lab equipment.

I suggest that you don’t buy cheap and dubious wire or coils, not from the fleabay, nor from other questionable low-price sources. Good quality coil wire is pretty cheap to begin with. Pre-built coils are more expensive, but that’s to be expected.

In my opinion there’s no good reason not to buy your wire and coils from one of the many trustworthy vendors* out there, someone who can tell you what’s actually in the wire that you’re buying.

* Disclaimer: I do have a good relationship with StealthVape, but they did not pay me to link to them in this blog post. That I’m doing all by myself, simply because I know that they know their stuff, and I feel that I can safely recommend them to the users of Steam Engine without losing sleep.

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