Q&A: Square wire

Please add square wire into the system as it’s used allot now not ribbon

Square-vs-RectangleA square wire is a ribbon wire that has a width equal to its thickness.

In other words, you can already use Steam Engine with square wires. Just set the width equal to the thickness, and you’re done.

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  1. Is there any way to find out ss316 flat Clapton (ribbon) 26*18) + 32ga? Bought one of those made by geek vape but my math is really bad… It’s coming in 10 feet rolls… I’ve guessed mostly and give work that but not on my dna200 vape tried selling all over Google how I should calculate something best out and it was worthless search. I go work normal round or fused Clapton and normal Clapton ss316L the most but if you have time to answer is ni80 only watt or TC? Haven’t tried them out yet figuring what I should buy cause I’m going on a birth day trip to Turkey in a week last minute trip work my wife and I haven’t even had time to change could or just trick so I have about an half hour to do 3 automizers so sorry for the question and all the text have autism spectrum writing curse the flat write I see now is not 316 but work an Like after our elite. And is there done pay pal easy to sponsor your work I’ve bought the Android app but I’m poor but I want to give allitle for something I can’t survive without. You’re doing a great job glad you’re so precise and really doing it well//Marcus from Sweden

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