Q&A: What is leg length?

Regarding the Coil Wrapping calculator:

How is Leg Length measured? it says “total per coil,” does this mean the sum of both legs on either end of a coil? where does the ‘leg’ start?

The leg length in the coil calculator is the sum of both legs. The leg starts right where the coil exits the helix.

Here is a very professionally drawn illustration of a coil, with a red line through the center.

So if both legs are the same length (as is usually the case), measure one of the legs from the center of the helix to the point where the leg connects to the post in the atomizer. Then double that number.

2 responses to “Q&A: What is leg length?”

  1. When it comes to twisted coils, are the legs supposed to be single strings? This is imho not a realistic approach. But the results i get from the calculator imply that, i. e. Total wire length and resistance are comprehensible , however not the number of wraps i have to make. Or am i wrong somehow?

    • If the coil is twisted, the legs are twisted too. But most users seem to find that leg length has little impact on the results, so they tend to ignore it.

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