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  • Q&A: Steam Engine with no Internet access

    I will be travelling to a location where there is no internet availability. I will be bringing my laptop with me. Is there a way to get the Steam Engine software installed in my laptop where I can access the software without internet connection? I just need the coil wrapping section.

  • Q&A: Adding a wire to the materials

    Q&A: Adding a wire to the materials

    Most of these “special elite competition professional gaming wires” are just the standard alloys which have been rebranded and quadrupled in price.

  • Q&A: See results for wire components

    Is it possible to measure the lenght of each wire used for a complex build in the Wire Wizard? It would be very useful if the result would appear beside each segment.

  • Q&A: Twisting different wires

    One user asked: I want to twist Kanthal and Nickel, but your coil calculator doesn’t support mixing different materials. And another: How do you enter twisted wires where 2 different types of wire are twisted together? To me, it appears that it only allows you to use the same type of wire based on the […]

  • Q&A: Adding a mod to the Mod Range calculator

    Q&A: Adding a mod to the Mod Range calculator

    Can [this or that mod] be added? Max power = 75 Resistance range = 0.1 -3.5, can’t confirm max voltage or current limit however.

  • Steam Engine Q&A

    Steam Engine Q&A

    Once in a while I get a question without a reply-to address, typically via the contact form in one of the calculators.

  • Q&A: Fused clapton

    Can we get a fused clapton wire builder on steam engine ? like core and outer wrap wire,and how many wraps of fused clapton to hit ohm’s we like . I like 316L SS ( Please ) Thank You for your hard work

  • DNA 200

    DNA 200

    The Wire Wizard shows you a multitude of stats about your coil, and lets you download temperature curves for the DNA 200.

  • Coiling, Wicking and Rebuildables 101

    Coiling, Wicking and Rebuildables 101

    A comprehensive introduction to rebuilding by MyVapery. From the video description: A comprehensive guide to getting going with making your own wicks and coils, and understanding rebuildable atomizers (RDA’s and RTA’s). Cover temperature control coil builds, as well as conventional micro and macro coils. We show you how to make a coil in 3 different […]

  • RDA tutorial by Todd

    RDA tutorial by Todd

    One of the heavy hitters in the vaping world, Todd ecigreviews, made a video tutorial for making an RDA standard dual coil, and what do you know, he uses Steam Engine!   A great tutorial video. And I’m not saying that only because he says nice things about my calculator. Honest! This guy really knows his stuff.