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  • Electronics and liquid damage

    Electronics and liquid damage

    It’s an old story: “I dropped my mod in water, but I fixed it by drying it in rice. It works like new! Yay!”. Same person, the next week: “I’m in the market for a new mod. Any recommendations?”

  • Useful Apps

    Useful Apps

    Veteran vaper calvinkamos has written a blog post about some useful apps for vaping. Relax, Steam Engine is not all of them. 🙂 You can read the blog post here.

  • Gold wire?

    Gold wire?

    I recently added gold (Au) wire to the materials in the Wire Wizard and other coil calculators. Why? There seems to be some hype here and there, and I want people to be able to check it out for themselves before they get too excited. I don’t have an opinion on the health effects of inhaling […]

  • Welcome


    Hi, and welcome. I hereby declare this to be the place where I post my ravings. With luck, there will be a bit of information here and there as well.