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  • DNA 200

    DNA 200

    The Wire Wizard shows you a multitude of stats about your coil, and lets you download temperature curves for the DNA 200.

  • Coiling, Wicking and Rebuildables 101

    Coiling, Wicking and Rebuildables 101

    A comprehensive introduction to rebuilding by MyVapery. From the video description: A comprehensive guide to getting going with making your own wicks and coils, and understanding rebuildable atomizers (RDA’s and RTA’s). Cover temperature control coil builds, as well as conventional micro and macro coils. We show you how to make a coil in 3 different […]

  • RDA tutorial by Todd

    RDA tutorial by Todd

    One of the heavy hitters in the vaping world, Todd ecigreviews, made a video tutorial for making an RDA standard dual coil, and what do you know, he uses Steam Engine!   A great tutorial video. And I’m not saying that only because he says nice things about my calculator. Honest! This guy really knows his stuff.

  • Review by Gareth Witty

    Review by Gareth Witty

    Gareth Witty reviewed Steam Engine and did a quick overview of the features. From the description: Another web based and app based coil aid, this one has a few more settings to use.  

  • Gmo takes a look at Steam Engine

    Gmo takes a look at Steam Engine

    Vaping With Gmo made a video where he explains many of Steam Engine’s ins and outs, to help his fellow vapers. There’s a man after my own heart. From the video description: Here is a look at the Steam Engine Pro Android App. […] I will stand behind Steam Engine anyday and reccomend it to anyone […] […]

  • Coil Wrapping Tutorial by the UK Vape Community

    Coil Wrapping Tutorial by the UK Vape Community

    Sarah at the UK Vape Community made a short and sweet coil wrapping tutorial a while ago. Awesome. From the description: On the UK Vape Community group one of the most frequently asked questions from those new to coiling is, ‘who many wraps to make * coil’. We also point in the direction of this amazing site […]