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  • Q&A: How to use heat flux for clapton coils

    Q&A: How to use heat flux for clapton coils

    How to use the heat flux in the Wire Wizard to find the optimal watts for a clapton coil?

  • TFR bug in the Wire Wizard (fixed)

    TFR bug in the Wire Wizard (fixed)

    When combining different materials in parallel, the Wire Wizard sometimes failed to fetch the temperature data for the materials of the individual strands correctly, resulting in an inaccurate TCR/TFR output.

  • Custom data

    Custom data

    Now you can add your own custom wire materials, batteries or mods to Steam Engine.

  • Q&A: TC precision

    Q&A: TC precision

    What exactly does TC precision entail? Is a higher value more desirable, or lower? The TC precision number in the Wire Wizard is an attempt to describe how easily a mod can sense the temperature of a coil. A higher number means that you should have more precise temperature control.

  • Q&A: Preset for fused Clapton coil in the Wire Wizard

    Q&A: Preset for fused Clapton coil in the Wire Wizard

    in the wire builder, could there be an additional area for a fused clapton? the clapton is there of course as is the staggered clapton but not the fused so its tough for new wire builders to figure out Yes, learning to use the Wire Wizard does require a bit of thought. In this particular […]

  • Q&A: Square wire

    Q&A: Square wire

    A square wire is a ribbon wire that has a width equal to its thickness. In other words, you can already use Steam Engine with square wires.

  • Q&A: Determine the material of prebuilt coils

    Q&A: Determine the material of prebuilt coils

    I have come across problems with non labled prebuilt coils. I have been using coil dimensions and its resistance to find the matierial. Which has been inaccurate. Is there a way I can do that with this site that’s more accurate? Could it be possible to add somethings similar to the site?

  • Q&A: See results for wire components

    Is it possible to measure the lenght of each wire used for a complex build in the Wire Wizard? It would be very useful if the result would appear beside each segment.

  • Q&A: Twisting different wires

    One user asked: I want to twist Kanthal and Nickel, but your coil calculator doesn’t support mixing different materials. And another: How do you enter twisted wires where 2 different types of wire are twisted together? To me, it appears that it only allows you to use the same type of wire based on the […]

  • Q&A: Fused clapton

    Can we get a fused clapton wire builder on steam engine ? like core and outer wrap wire,and how many wraps of fused clapton to hit ohm’s we like . I like 316L SS ( Please ) Thank You for your hard work